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  • Jahre aktiv

    1999 – heute (19 Jahre)

Hailing from Pori, Finland MAGYAR POSSE are the ambassadors of Finnish instrumental rock. Drawing influences from Ennio Morricone, John Barry, Angelo Badalamenti, Astor Piazzolla, Einstürdenze Neubauten, David Lynch, Giorgio Moroder, Neu!, Michael Rother and Roman Polanski, the group plays epic cinematic atmospheres with an edge entirely their own. The band consists of two keyboard players (Jari Lähteinen and Pasi Salmi), two guitarists/bassists (Mikko Rintala and Harri Sippola), a drummer (Olli Joukio) and a sound engineer (Tuomas Laurila).

The group started out as "The Alibi of Carlos" in 1997, and after a short break they renamed themselves MAGYAR POSSE and stretched their musical visions further. In 2002 Verdura Records from Helsinki released the debut album We will carry you over the mountains, which received praising reviews in national music press. The album earned the band their first European tour which was interrupted the very first night in Riga, Latvia when their van was stolen and some of their gear lost.

Influental are these events or not, the bands second work Kings of Time released in 2004 displayed a new found depth and it became an album to set new standards for Finnish instrumental rock. The album received several "Album of the year" awards and opened opportunities for MP to play in the biggest festivals around Finland. During the making of the album violin player Sandra Mahlamäki joined the band. A Parisian label OSCILL licensed the album in France and the band played a successful French tour with other European dates. The band also played their first shows in Russia during this period.

In 2006 Verdura Records released the bands third full length titled Random Avenger, where the band stood on their own feet taller than ever before. This album, just as Kings of Time, entered the national album charts and again gave them plenty of attention in Internet communities. The band also released their first music video for the song Whirlpool of Terror and Tension which won several major music video awards in Finland and introduced them to a wider international audience. After the release of the album one member of the band moved to China and the band took time off from performing live.

In early 2008, the band did their first 7 gig tour in China and made enough impression to the Chinese audience to be involved in the same Internet scam attempts as multi-million selling artists. Also the same year Magyar Posse completed Aldebaran rising, a collaborative film project with art film director Petri Hagner. The result was an abstract combination of movie theatre and live music performances and it was performed in film festivals and clubs during 2008 and 2009.

Sandra Mahlamäki left the band in early 2010. Currently the band is in a new storm of creativity, adding rougher and minimalistic elements to their music and defining the new sound of Finnish instrumental rock for the 2010’s.

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