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Magda is a Swedish Singer-songwriter from “Umeå” a town ind the northern part of Sweden. She received her fist Guitar a “Lugnås” when she were 12 years old. “It sounded terrible she said”

Magda road to songwriting “Visa” are rather strait forward. Already when she was a little girl,
she resived her first album with “Cajsa-Stina Åkerstrøm” (Daughter to Fred Åkerstrøm)
her curiosity in the musicaly expression got her to experiment with different stiles as punk, Irish, and ToTo Covers. Later she started a band cald “Styv kuling” playing straditionel Swedish songs.

In 2010 she traveled 913 km (579 miles) from her home town to the southeast end of sweden the to town “Væstervik” Because she new from the beginning that the text was as important as the melody and harmony ind the songwriting process. So the started a 2 years education in at the music college “Væsterviks-Visskolan” that lead to her playing with her and the band “Styv kuling” on a nordic ture and the band gave the last concert together on the legendary “VisFestivalen i Västervik 2012”with started ind 1966.

After that she moved 317 km (197 Miles) from the est-coast to the est coast and the city Goteborg the second larges city in Sweden. Everything because she wanted to focus on her musicianship and wanted to live from it. Now the could fine tune her songs, gather a band around her, and take her place on the live-stages around scandinavia. and finally be were the is today,

Magda Andersson debue EP is based on a strong text base and intresting musical arrangements but the main is her owen timbre and sound.

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