• Madonna Top 100: 2011

    28. Dez. 2011, 18:47 von ptparatroopa

    So I've had this list done for like two months now but I've never found to time to write it up in a last.fm journal entry. Well, 2011 is almost over and the thought of breaking my tradition of making a yearly Madonna top 100 list is gross, so... I'm doing it now. Also this was finished before Gimme All Your Luvin' was leaked. I've still only listened to that once.

    As always I have a Bubbling Under chart because cutting it down to 100 exactly is too brutal a thought for me:
    125. Gone (Music)
    124. To Have and Not to Hold (Ray of Light)
    123. Nobody's Perfect (Music)
    122. Something to Remember (I'm Breathless)
    121. Another Suitcase in Another Hall (Evita)

    120. I Know It (Madonna)
    119. Bye Bye Baby (Erotica)
    118. X-Static Process (American Life)
    117. Everybody (Madonna)
    116. Heartbeat (Hard Candy)
    115. Swim (Ray of Light)
    114. Goodbye to Innocence (non-album)
    113. Where Life Begins (Erotica)
    112. Hollywood (American Life)
    111. Intervention (American Life)

    110. Dear Father (non-album)
  • My Madonna Top 100, Part 3: Electric Bugaloo

    12. Dez. 2008, 20:45 von ptparatroopa

    My tastes regarding Madonna's tracks seem to change wildly from year to year. Because she had a new album out this year, I decided to make a top 100 song list for the third time in a row. A lot of old songs that weren't on the list in the last few years made their debuts, and some songs that were on the list got kicked off to make room for new songs (both from Hard Candy and not). The only big Madonna hits missing from my list this year are Into the Groove, American Pie and Material Girl, none of which I've ever really liked.

    If I could have an extra 25 spots as sort of a "Bubbling Under" chart, I would probably include the following songs: Ain't No Big Deal, Crimes of Passion, I Know It, Over and Over, True Blue, Causing a Commotion, Into the Groove (live from the Who's That Girl tour), Till Death Do Us Part, Sooner or Later, I'm Going Bananas, Bye Bye Baby, Where Life Begins, In This Life, Inside of Me, Forbidden Love '94, Buenos Aires, Swim, To Have and Not to Hold, Time Stood Still…
  • My Madonna Top 100: One Year Later

    2. Sep. 2007, 16:56 von ptparatroopa

  • time is short

    3. Jan. 2007, 19:25 von tomservotunes

    for this notebook. seems the earphone jack is faulty, and we have to send it back. which means tomservotunes will be on a hiatus for who knows how long..

    this bites. but what else can you do?

    all things happen for one reason or another. that I know...MadonnaSomething to Remember

    so anyways, these next few nights will be chock full of music. I wonder if I could hit 1000 tunes by whenever????

    let's see...
  • Music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel

    8. Apr. 2006, 13:29 von ringlunatic

    In celebration of me getting tickets for Madonna's "Confessions Tour", I decided to entertain myself doing the same thing as I did with my U2 albums a couple of weeks ago.

    I'm going to listen to all the albums by Madonna (except the Best Of's, plus the albums I don't own) in chronological order and just write down some general brainwaves along the way. So no reviews, just impressions and/or silly ideas. No shuffle just starting with track 1 and than further down the line. I'm curious how long it will take me this time.

    I should probably say that I'm more a fan of her later work than of her 80s stuff, but that doesn't automatically mean that I hate it either. I like the fun of it. It sounds fun and, god forbid, it almost makes me want to dance. She really seems to be one of the few artists who does that for me ;)

    Current favorite tracks*: Borderline, I Know It, Holiday & Think of Me

    Like a Virgin
    Another fun album. …