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Lolita Storm is the perfect pop band for the 21st century. They met in Brighton, they all looked fucking excellent and decided to create a future for rock n roll. They got a name (a headline about a riot at a private girls school), got a gig and blew up the PA. In the soundcheck.

"…the sound of lovely 60's girl group pop, run over by a breakbeat bulldozer fuelled on a cocktail of teenage hormones and cheap amphetamines. Repeatedly"

"… they really are coming for your children. Vinyl Marxists who believe in the power of punk-pop and digital bubblegum, they were saved from the 'soul sapping tedium of one thousand incestuous Stereolab clones' by John Waters and the Ramones."

"The lyrics are vulgar, unimaginative and repetitive, and mostly amount to hollow justifications of superficial sex practices that make Spinal Tap, by comparison, seem like cogent gender-role critics. This is the music of dissolute Powerpuff Girls stripped, at the onset of puberty, of all superpowers save the ability to lactate bile. "

"If you fantasise about being beaten around the head by 3 girls in leather and fairy wings whilst a pink furry man injects a cocktail of milkshake, speed and vodka straight into your heart then I suggest you go looking for Lolita Storm. If, however, you're an apolitically correct Warpophile with a penchant for logo jeans and sneakers run like fuck before Lolita Storm find you…1,2,3…coming, ready or not."

"…they just keep sounding louder,meaner,tuffer,hotter and better than before more and more…Lolita Storm is forever going to remain one of the BEST BANDS that has ever graced the underground plain and fucking simple..piss on the sex pistols!!!!"

"I fault Lolita Storm not for bothering me, but for, first, attempting to defy convention by brute force absent wit, and second, failing to realize that they've allowed themselves to be puppeteered by reverse psychology, and so have ended up making an implicit case against their own aesthetic that's at least as harrowing (and probably more convincing) than any patronizing lecture they think they've shouted down."

"…dumb, shallow, transient, unrelenting, and thoroughly effective. No more caustic rock & roll fun can be found in this long, slow summer. Use it up, rip it up, and throw it away."

"Progression is necessary, and this is what i believe a lot of Digital Hardcore has done, brought the genre forward to stop it becoming stale."

"Life would certainly be less dangerous without them."

"They're in a league of their own."

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