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Lobo Loco come from Reutlingen Germany.
Since 2006 living in Göppingen nearby Stuttgart.

Actual band: "Checkie Brown"

With ten learning for two years a little bit Piano, but the teacher was an cholerical alcoholic.
So I was happy when it was finished. ;-)

With sixteen I started to learn Piano onesmore without notes autodidactical.With twenty also Acustic Guitar … more and more Instruments … and so on.

- First Band 1989: "Satyr" (Metall)
- Up from 1990 started recording for myself with SOFA SONG releases. Folk Songs, Singersongwriter Songs.
- First Solo Live Concert 1999: "Lobo Loco" (ON UNBRAUCHBAR)
- Up to 2011 diverse self Recordings (Folk, Electro, Jazz, Blues)
- Second Band 2012: "Hippie House Jam Band" (Funk & Soul)
- Third Band Project since 2014: "KieLobot" (Electro Jazz, Funk)
- Fourth Band Project 2015: "Mushroom Funghi" (Krautrock, Spcacerock, Psychedelic Rock)
- from 2016-2018 "Krude Mischung" (Jazz, Punk, Funk, Soul, Rock)
. from 2019 "Checkie Brown"

We are a Jamband … jamming in our "STAUBKELLER" in Göppingen.
Sometimes in our Jamming Sessions we have Special Jamming Guests.

Birgit on Drums, GuitarKieli on Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer and VocalsLobo on Bass,
Wavedrum, Hammond, Synthesizer and Vocals

I like especially space sounds, folk sounds, delta blues!
Intruments: Everything what sounds & make fun:
Kaossilator, Wavedrum, Akai Miniak, Roland VA-7 to Hammond XB-2 and E-Piano
… from Akustic-Guitar, E-Guitar … over Cajon, Bongos to Bluesharph and some Lazy Digeridoo

NEW GEMAFREIE MUSIK - Royalty free music (noncommercial for free)

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