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Loading Data is a 3 piece heavy groove rock band… …And Four-Track Junction soon became Loading Data. A few eps and line-ups later, the band released it's first album in 2002 through United Musics Company (Dead Kennedys, Fu Manchu, Desert Sessions) that unfortunately closed 2 years later.

The band broke up and Lo eventually left France and recreated Loading Data in the USA with Adam Keller on drums and Mike Shaw on bass. The band was produced by Ryan Sanbrook. Very quickly the trio is managed by John Tovar (Marilyn Manson, The Mavericks) and guided by Bill Aucoin (kiss, Billy Idol) and they tour the U.S for over 2 years.

Eventually the band decided to hit Europe where they are now based. The band is now Matt Vatimbella on drums and Nakat Ambrosio on bass.

June 2007, Loading Data will be releasing their new full length album entitled "Rodeo Ghetto-Blaster", rumors say through Oui-Oui Records (Los Natas) anytime soon.

They've played with great bands such as 2SDW, Los Natas, Brant Bjork & the Bros, Pussyfoot, The Council or yet Five Horse Johnson…

They should head back to the States and Japan sometime soon for a tour.

Loading Data deliver a heavy groovy hypnotic robot rock.

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