• Living Colour @ 013 in Tilburg December 15th.

    17. Dez. 2006, 18:39 von amsteryank

    Fri 15 Dec – Living Colour

    Living Colour has been my favorite band hands down since I first saw them at CBGB's in NYC in the late 80's. Vivid, Time's Up and Biscuits (Japanese version) will remain to be some of my favorite albums of all time. In my opinion, everything went downhill after the leaving of Muzz Skillings and Doug Wimbish coming onboard, which lead to the disapointing "Stain" and the dismal "Collideoscope". Don't get me wrong here, I'm fully aware of Wimbish's talents, dedication to the band and I know for a fact that he happens to be a very nice person as well. However, his artistic and over-the top playing style as a bassist have had a negative impact on the band overall in my opinion. Living colour needs a bassist (like Muzz) who understands and respects the role as a bassist instead of continuously overstepping his artistic boundaries such as playing the bass like a guitar and utilizing 36 effects pedals and God knows what else. …