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Liotta Seoul is a three-piece neo-grunge band hailing from different cities in Germany. Since their founding in the summer of 2017 the band have released a full length record (Liotta Seoul), a EP (Counting Birthmarks (Umbilical)), a live session as well as multiple music videos and played around 50 shows all over Germany. In early 2019 Liotta Seoul travelled to Oakland, California to record their second full- length called Hopper with grammy-nominated producer Jack Shirley, who has also worked with the likes of Deafheaven and Jeff Rosenstock.
While Liotta Seoul utilise distinct 90s sound-traits they do not strictly adhere to milking the listener’s yearning for nostalgia but provide a modern take on the themes and vibes that made 90s rock so special. Crowds from all over Germany have been drawn - not only to the band’s retro-fueled but unique sound - but also to their prominent aesthetic. This includes e.g. a twenty minute live video based on the audiotree sessions or a tape exclusive single.
Lyrically, the band deals with topics such as abandonment, coping with modern social structures, sexuality, being a misfit and the bleak monotony of everyday life.
Visually, the band is oriented towards a look that was prominent in MTV’s prime. Wild collages of different aspects of youth culture are interwoven in artworks, music videos, merchandise and stage outfits.

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