• Grammys 2012: Not So Chorney

    26. Feb. 2012, 18:33 von jcshepard

    The good news about the 54th Grammys is that it could have been worse. Without reason, I continue to hope that this venerable institution will do right by the music. Instead, the collective continues to do right by the marketers. It's who you know, not what you know. One day I'll learn that lesson.

    Select Results of Some Americana-ish Interest in the 2011 Grammy Season, awarded in February 2012

    Best New Artist: Bon Iver I've at least heard.

    Rock Performance, etc: I don't mind the Foo Fighters (not an Americana-ish comment, just a complimentary comment in the could-have-been-worse vein)

    Most of the "Country" categories: Nashvegas marketers win again (insert disparaging remarks about Taylor Swift here, tho I will say this, she's the best pop star out of Nashville since Faith Hill)

    Best Country Duo/Group Performance: Barton Hollow Many of my go-to Americana tweeters like The Civil Wars. I've avoided them simply because it's a stupid name for a band. …