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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum


  • Dauer

    12 Titel

*Stuart Hobday - Vocals
*Brian Bennett - Guitar
*Roger McCabe - Bass
*Gary Murphy - Drums

1. Remember The Times - 2:46
2. Second Production - 4:44
3. The War Machine - 5:19)
4. Through The Looking Glass - 5:45
5. Blue Day - 6:38
6. Time - 4:00
7. Flames - 4:47
8. World In My Head - 4:29
9. Evil Woman - 7:57
10.Flames (Single Version) - 3:48
11.Just Forget Tomorrow (Single) - 4:19
12.Remember The Times (Australian Single Version) - 2:41
Leviathan, known as the Mike Stuart Span prior to 1969, had everything going for them. Yet their lone album was held back from release at the last minute by Elektra president Jac Holzman, who supposedly wasn’t happy with some of the songs and wanted them to go back into the studio to record more. At that critical point, with their finances in dire straits and their morale destroyed by this action after years of trying to make it, Leviathan broke up.

The good news in all of this is that the music has survived in the vaults and has now been newly remastered by the Cherry Red Records subsidiary Grapefruit Records. It all sounds great! Although briefly available on limited edition vinyl a few years ago, Leviathan is the long-awaited, first-ever CD release of one of the legendary aborted projects of the late 1960s British psych/prog scene. Taken from the original Elektra master tapes, this Grapefruit package adds three non-LP tracks, including a rare remix of 'Remember The Times' that was only issued at the time in Australia. With a lavish sixteen-page booklet that tells the band's story and includes some priceless period photos and memorabilia, this release is the final, tantalising missing piece in the Mike Stuart Span/Leviathan

*** The Fun Facts: Certainly not fun, but a fact … guitarist Langham fell to his death after leaping through an upstairs window whilst under the effects and influences of LSD. The band subsequently became a resolutely drug-free zone, despite the blandishments of the encroaching psychedelic era.

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