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Leviathan is a Polish Death Metal band formed in early 2008 in Puławy.
Initially the lyrical sphere include themes about Vikings mythology. This style has been maintained for the time of departure from the band Karol “North” Łapczyńskiego. His place is replaced by bassist Maciej “Malo” Kolwalczyk. Band departs from the mythological themes. Currently lyrics are about existential-religious reflections, problems about human existence and thoughts about God abstractions in a culture.

actual squad:
Maciej „Malo” Kowalczyk -vocal/bass
Krystian „Metal” Piasek -guitar
Ariel „Ariel” Kundzicz -guitar
Maciej „Boxer” Ciupa -drums

ex members:
Karol „North” Łapczyński -vocal
Krzysztof Kiecana -guitar
Tomasz „Zawi” Zawada -bass

Official band website:

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