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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum

    14. Mai 2020

  • Dauer

    3 Titel

Chords that ripple like droplets of water before expanding into pools of sound; a piano that contends with a sharp-edged whir and hum and serendipitously dappled melodic sketches, that again and again give rise to powerful images: LAVALLE creates piano music of enraptured beauty – shrouded by analogue noise and digital soundeffects. Whereas other musicians draw inspiration from the world outside, LAVALLEs work is based on momentary musical intuition alone. The music starts to take its shape in the mind of its creator, flowing into the keys and maintaining a concentrated dialogue – mind & piano. Inspired by the music of Nils Frahm, as well as the electronic sounds of an early James Blake or David August, the Hamburg-based LAVALLE charts narrative piano sketches, trading layered vastness for a thematic lucidity, that invite their listeners to explore.

Des accords qui tombent comme des gouttes d'eau avant de se dévoiler comme flaques de son; et sans relâche des attouchements de piano qui, comme par hasard esquissés, démasquent l'image ressentie.

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