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Boredom is a bad thing. And if you‘re growing up in a small village in Germany it quickly becomes your worst enemy – to fight it back properly on weekends, Langenberg began organizing his own dance parties at age 17. And what started back then as wild style experiments quickly grew into a recognized party series. Simultaneously, he developed his now perfectly fine tuned DJ skills and caught the attention of the In-crowd and various club owners of western Germany.

Finally, he accepted a residency at the legendary Hotel Shanghai in Essen – a decision that led his style to a whole new level: the witty and „rational“ sound of Kompakt became the first major influence on his musical journey. Afterwards, he delved into the roots of techno and house music – devouring all of the Detroit and Chicago history he could lay hands on.

Langenberg is also co-founder of Essen based label Mild Pitch. His first output as a producer in 2007 marked the beginning of an ongoing string of remarkable releases on labels like Dessous Recordings, Liebe*Detail, Drumpoet Community, STHLM Audio andMildPitch. Under his „Ribn“ moniker, a producing alliance with Manuel Tur, he shows an equally irresistible discography with releases on labels like Mule Electronic, Styrax Leaves, Millions of Moments (MOM), Ovum Recordings, Poker Flat Recordings & Mild Pitch.

Langenberg‘s sets evolved into crowd lifting masterpieces built from pure warmth and percussive deepness – always peppered with surprising bits and pieces from his freestyle past running secret parties in run-down buildings.

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