• Japanese Gems you SHOULD give a try!

    10. Jun. 2015, 11:57 von mynameisMIRA

    Hello! Been a long time not writing any music journal here. So uh, I, recently being so addicted to Japanese music, arts & traditions, then I would love to introduce you some of Nihon Gems that would make you amaze (hehe!)

    1. 和楽器バンド
    Name in romaji (or so how non-japanese called them with) Wagakki Band. Have you ever heard some Japanese anime or movie soundtrack from Edo scene era? lots of their wonderful traditional instrument harmony, ne? Yes, this Wagakki band are the first that amazed me SO MUCH! and then, I fall for them at the first heard, and get eargasm at the same time. INSTANTLY. WHY? They combining some j-rock/alternative/folk music with.. JAPANESE TRADITIONAL INSTRUMENT? Shamisen, Koto, Shakuhachi, Wadaiko. Not to mentioned to their quiet-skilled guitarist, bassist, drummer, and their unique vocalist. Ah, you SHOULD give a try to heard 'em, REALLY. They're MORE than just beautiful, MORE than that.

    2. Lamp
    This one is another fav. …
  • My Best of 2014

    23. Dez. 2014, 7:46 von RONSAm

    もちろん、Linda PerhacsやVashti Bunyanの新譜なんて、

    Alvvays の胸キュンメロディはたまらなかったですね。
    さらには、ハンバートハンバートLamp の力作には実に勇気づけられました。

  • auto-correct option

    2. Feb. 2009, 7:31 von msnaddie

    Okay so by now we all know have implemented their auto-correct option, and you can choose wheher or not you want to use the option. I for one have turned it off since there are still lots of bugs that & its users need to fix. To read what kind of bugs this auto-correct option have, go here to's blog entry.

    I like the fact that have finally implemented on this, and I know that they have been working hard on it, so I really appreciate their effort. On the other hand, for people who listen to foreign artists, the system is really lacking in certain areas, since we tend to use Unicode and foreign languages. I personally prefer to tag the artists in their original language, meaning Japanese artists would use kanji, Korean ones would use Hangul, etc etc.

    So what you guys can do as users is to flag any incorrect naming of artists (and even their tracks if you want to) according to their correct names - and if you need to know if they're correct…
  •, why are you so WEIRD???

    31. Jan. 2009, 9:10 von msnaddie

    I like the auto-correct function, but I don't like the fact that totally corrects the wrong thing. Let me lay this out for you:

    Lamp =/= Lamb

    Okay? They're not the same artists, so please stop redirecting all my plays for Lamp to Lamb, because

    lamp =/= lamb

    I mean there's a reason they're spelled differently you know - because they're different. You don't just go "Why did she say I turned on the lamp? She obviously meant she turned on the lamb!" Do I even need to point out the inappropriate use of lamb? REALLY?

    So please, to the wise ass who think that Lamp should redirect to Lamb, DON'T TRY TO THINK.

    I like the auto-correct function because it merges Clazziquai to Clazziquai Project, and thus my Library is all shiny with Clazziquai Project as its 2nd top artist. It was my fault for tagging 'em wrong, but I've had so many plays on Clazziquai by the time I realized it that I don't want to change it. …
  • LA-di-DA di-di di-di-di-di-di-di-DA

    26. Apr. 2007, 15:02 von fontgoddess

    Sun 22 Apr – The Decemberists

    I hereby propose that all venues have a section reserved for short people. Like 5'4" and shorter. And all people 6' and over should not stand in the front or near the center. Unless they can make arrangements to stand in a trench or the orchestra pit.

    The opening act, My Brightest Diamond, was fantastic. They played for 30 minutes, and I could have listened to them longer. Their cover of Feelin' Good was very enjoyable. The rest of their set was off their debut album, Bring Me the Workhorse. The lead singer, Shara Worden had a Cranberries vibe, but the friend I went with said it also reminded him of Lamp. So now I'm going to go look up their music too. And it was Shara's birthday, so I hope we were a good audience. We sang "Happy Birthday" to her in the middle of The Decemberists' set (with extra effort to be in tune).

    The Decemberists were fantastic. Colin apologized right away for the fact that their last concert in Denver had been below par due to illness…