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LETAMTAM – The Kraftpunk Daftwerk duo Ma_riot and Alfred Schwarzbauer make the electronics clash and themselves and their audience totally lose it. A small toy spaceship is floating through artificial space. Accompanied by the line: “You look like me.” A typical LeTAMTAM phrase. Short, concise, straight. Just like “Modify your body”. Ma_riot immediately has images in his head to every song. A video in progress. The latest, “Disko Animator”, with ecstatic dancing zombies and Ma_riot and Schwarzbauer as their Frankenstein-esque creators in white lab coats and gelled hair has been invited to a couple of 16mm festivals. The rehearsing space of the duo gives you the feeling of a synthesizer park. Analogue and digital treasures can be found there one after the other: Korg MS20, Roland VP 330 Vocoder, Jupiter 4 Compuphonic, Moog, Poly 800 and in the centre of it all the source of the distinctive, whiny LeTAMTAM sound: Korg Micro Preset 1977. Actually, rehearsing space is probably the wrong expression – production-head quarter would be a more appropriate one because rehearsing is totally nerdy to them. Straight on-stage. Destroying live loops and screaming soon-to-be-forgotten slogans at the audience. The only thing that Ma_riot can remember from their last gig is “Everybody loves me.” The sound has to pierce your ears, tear and reach the limits. Going mental, yes please! Somewhere between Daftwerk and Kraftpunk. “At our gigs punches are thrown – but in the air!” After having been in Punk and Hardcore bands Electroclash was the only logical consequence. The question whether party and ecstasy, is that all that matters is answered with vigorous nodding by Alfred Schwarzbauer. “Disko Animator on and everything else is forgotten! With us inflation doesn’t exist, petrol still is 4,90.” Hard Beats – spurring bass lines – screaming synthesizers – fiery slogans… Harte Beats – treibende Basslinien – kreischende Synthesizer – gepfefferte Slogans

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