• South African hip hop connections

    30. Dez. 2007, 4:03 von takecake

    Some argue that South Africa's indigenous hip hop movement has been immortalized in ; and while kwaito is widely listened to by black South African youth (and increasingly white as well), musically it has more in common with house music than hip hop. Also, in terms of the lyrical content, kwaito shares more with popular rap in the US than perhaps its global counterparts or the more underground US lyricists in say the tradition of KRS-One, Saul Williams, Brother Ali, and the like.

    Well wherever that debate goes, it seems there is definitely another hip hop in South Africa.

    The documentary Hip Hop Revolution (see preview below), which I believe is still looking for a distributor, shows the evolution of this musical form from the days of apartheid to today.

    Godessa is an all female group that has a socially conscious message and is making some pretty good music.

    And Konfab has a strong sound and is a good lyricist with substance.