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    2005 – heute (12 Jahre)

Knights Of The Abyss(KOTA) are a deathcore band from Glendale, Arizona. They are currently signed onto Siege of Amida Records. With Phil Noriegman on vocals, they released a demo with 4 songs on it. Phil then left the band to join “Straight from the depths”. Their debut album “Juggernaut” was released in August, 2007. Half way through recording the album, vocalist Mike had to cease recording due to vocal strain, leaving the band no other choice but to fill in the empty spot with their good friend and merch boy, Dustin, who had already done some recording with KOTA as a guest vocalist on a track called “Hadlock”. The band had to start over the recording process from scratch and Mike’s vocal tracks were never released aside from the original version of the song “Hell Bent” subtitled “Mikes Version”, which can be found on the band’s myspace profile. KOTA then finished re-recording the CD, and the final product was released during their first tour through Europe. The band has recently announced that Mike was ready to do vocals again and would be taking back his spot on vocalist position.

That being said… here is their current line-up:

Nick - Guitarist

Cody - Guitarist

Aaron - Bass

Andy - Drums(ex-Job For A Cowboy)

Mike - Vocals

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