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…thx for your support till now. I have a lot of stuff for you to discover on http://www.soundcloud.com/klangkubikmusic
If you like what you HEAR now (if you are still here ;)), maybe you will see something like http://www.facebook.com/techhousesound ?
If you´re still bored, try http://www.klangkubik.de ->
If that ain´t help you to feel happy, try
http://www.twitter.klangkubik or

If you want to snapchat, please send me a pm or eMail to get in touch ;) Its all about the music. Only.

The idea came 2009 and I started a digital netlabel to get lightly involved into music business. Many local artists came out of their electrical caves to support and release their stuff with handshake as contract.

Sometimes more free space for music, sometimes less, but things changed, as I learned to implement the old and dusty silverlines into an Ableton Live set. Between mastering lessons and Midi Highschool ;) is not much time for tracks, experiments felt completely away, and the result were the older tracks from 2009-2011. Ignore them please, but they were good excercises for me.

Played in a row of clubs across Europe, did his own successful event series, start of a digital netlabel…seems like it is all about the music ? ;)

2015 I reactivated Klangkubik Music to go on and support some local artists to see their names on music selling stores worldwide.

Please take a look @ the latest releases:

- http://www.soundcloud.com/klangkubikmusic

Please visit us on Facebook: http://tiny.ly/g5kH !?
More Infos - web and Facebook: http://www.klangkubik.de & http://tiny.ly/g5kH

Booking Contact: booking@klangkubik.de

Lookin forward to work with some artists around the world….

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