• Lyrics reconstruction: Kid Koala - Elevator Hopper (help wanted)

    17. Jun. 2007, 18:00 von yagood

    Artist: Kid Koala
    Album: Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs
    Track: Elevator Hopper

    Elevator operator: First floor! Step backwards, please.

    Man: Well, hood morning, how are you this morning?
    Woman: *sigh* Oh dear...

    Elevator operator: Second floor!

    Man: Say, haven't I seen you in some place in this building before?
    Woman: No!
    Man: Khem, khem...
    Woman: *sigh* Go away!

    Elevator operator: First floor!

    Man: Ha, ha...
    Woman: Ahm... you go to a gym? Considering... ** HELP HERE **
    Man: Yeah, well, I play ** HELP HERE ** basketball.
    Woman: Ohh... hmm...

    Elevator operator: Second floor!

    Man: She's very beautiful ** HELP HERE ** Are you a model there (dear?)? You're very beautiful lady, you know? Beautiful hairdo...

    Elevator operator: First floor! Appliances, washboards, ** HELP HERE ** phones, crystal sets and ** HELP HERE **.