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  • Jahre aktiv

    2013 – heute (5 Jahre)

  • Gegründet

    Berlin, Deutschland

  • Mitglieder

Linea Aspera and Schwefelgelb were 2 of the most interesting electronic acts to emerge during the last years before they called it quits. Linea Aspera, that played a mix of synthpop and darkwave, with very strong lyrics, was just on the verge of a bigger break when they split up. Schwefelgelb on the other hand had a more punkish attityde, mixed with elements of NDW and EBM. Zoè Zanias and Sid Lamar were vocalists in each of these bands and about 2 years ago decided to start Keluar in Germany.

Zoè Zanias aka Alison Lewis is not from Germany, she is from Australia but grew up in Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. When you compare the music of Keluar with their previous projects, this is something different entirely. Keluar has a much more experimental, cold new wave-ish sound while maintaining the strong lyrics of Zoé Zanias.

The first release was “Ennoea”, released in only 300 copies on vinyl in 2013. It was followed by “Vitreum”, still only on vinyl (500 copies this time) in 2014 and with this the band was about to get a wider audience. After a very strong review of the “Keluar” CD, a collection of their first 2 EP:s released about the same time as the second EP, we felt that we had to explore the world of Keluar and find out more about one of the best experimental synthpop newcomers out there.

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