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Keith Rowe and Texas Dixon are best known as the rocksteady duo Keith & Tex, who scored big hits with "Stop That Train" and "Don't Look Back" in the late 60s. They were born in Kingston, not too far away from where Lee Perry lived in Washington Gardens.

Despite being turned down by Prince Buster, Coxsone and Duke Reid, Keith and Tex had faith in their singing abilities and eventually caught the ear of up-and-coming producer Derrick Harriott with their tune "Tonight".

In 1968 Keith & Tex decided to cover an old ska chestnut by the Spanishtonian Ska Beats, "Stop That Train". It quickly became their signature tune, and a rocksteady classic.

By 1970, Keith and Tex went separate ways.

This text is an excerpt from an interview from 2004 on 'Upsetter Station' - worth to be read in full length.

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