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Kat Flint is the child of research scientists and the palest individual ever to be born in Barbados. She was raised in the chill northern climes of Aberdeen and came of age in Edinburgh, but is now hundreds of miles from home and finding that splendid isolation is all the better for writing songs.

Debut release The Secret Boy’s Club is a love letter to the children we were, the adults we become and the places we make for ourselves in the world. Recorded in a living room on a shoestring, with an ear for a good tune, a mischievous sense of fun and an ever-expanding arsenal of playschool instruments (and cardboard boxes), it’s a slice of the good, old-fashioned lyrical wrapped in the home-made whimsical. Good people do bad things. Bad people do bad things. Children grow up, grow bored and grow wise. Bombs go off and we all go back to work.

Kat was the winner of the inaugral New Lyric Award, presented by Ray Davies and Channel 4’s Ideasfactory, and spent March 2006 touring with Rough Trade’s folk darlings Cara Dillon and Sam (“brother-of-Seth”) Lakeman, playing 16 dates across the UK as chief tour support. Someone told her she was pretty good on guitar “for a girl”. She wasn’t sure if that was a compliment…

She has released two download-only singles, 'Go Faster Stripes' (December 2007) and 'Christopher, You're A Soldier Now' (April 2008), which preceded her debut album Dirty Birds, which was released on the 15th of September, 2008 (after a limited edition run that was hand-produced by Kat in mid-2007).


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