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Leipzig based dark instrumental rock band Kasan released their new album 'Drown' via Dunk!records in February 2012.

After a self-released demo in 2007, one self released Ep called 'Soma' in 2009, an 10" Split-Vinyl with Kokomo released in 2010 via Maniyax-records and an 10" Split-Vinyl with swedish band Galvano released in 2011 via SM-Musik, this is the bands first full length album.
With this new release the band left their musical path of 70s and stoner influenced post-rock giving their music a much more darker approach, using more effects, tuning down the instruments, breaking with harmonies.
Each of the four main songs of the new album 'Drown' run about 10 minutes. Combining deeply emotional parts with erruptive parts of industrial freak-out and monotonous metal and doom influenced riffing the album is less accessible than their early releases but delivers a much more intense listening experience.

For live concerts, the band collaborates with Leipzig based live visual crew hasirehei.

In 2011 Kasan recorded a fusion project with german band BurnPilot. This recordings will be released through World in Sound records in 2012.

Kasan shared stage with bands like Caspian, Wolves in the Throne Room, Jesu, Year of no Light, Shrinebuilder, A Storm of Light, Motorpsycho, Ulme, God is an Astronaut, Mouth of the Architect, Rorcal, Dirge, These Monsters, Heirs, Rotor, The Night Terrors, Khuda, Three Steps to the Ocean, Black Shape of Nexus, An Emerald City,pelican,kylesa and many more.

Kasan played various concerts and festivals such as Asymmetry Festival, Fusion Festival, Dunk! Festival, Doom Over Leipzig Festival, Doom over Berlin Festival, L*abore Festival, Räubertage Festival, Droneburg Festival and much more.

The band is connected to the local DIY scene, setting up live shows and organizing festivals.

Visit for a free download of the new album 'Drown'. However, you're welcome to donate whatever is affordable for you and/or you can buy the album on CD and Vinyl.

Visit Kasan on facebook to get in touch.
for booking kasan please get in touch with eldar fano:
modern obsession booking
For any other direct contact please writhe an email to

Thanks for the support!!

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