• Tuesday Ten: 148: Tracks of the Month (January 2012)

    11. Feb. 2012, 13:41 von amodelofcontrol

    (Once again, this was posted a bit late here. All appear on my Blog on Tuesdays, on time!)

    The first new music coverage of 2012 from me (the best of the past month or two, anyway). So new stuff, and a dusting of the old, too.

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    Track of the Month:

    The star track from the stellar new album, a glorious, glittering ballad in the same realms as Fear. Yes, that good, and it has a chorus to match. A yearning, pretty song that like all of this bands greatest tracks, takes it’s own sweet time to unfold, before delivering that killer chorus – and there is barely a vocoder in sight. Those remarkable live shows over the past year have clearly had a considerable impact on the band’s sound, too – while the theme is similar, there is perhaps a bit more of a human touch to the sound, and this is one of a few songs on this album that clearly has been created for live performance at some point. …