• Top listened artists + songs of 2010

    2. Jan. 2011, 8:44 von Bara_Megami

    1. 清竜人 301
    Absolutely my favourite new discovery of the year. Now that my Japanese language skills are a bit better (nowhere near "good", just better than they were when I wasn't taking classes due to an overloaded class schedule), Ryujin is totally my emo music, as opposed to Panic! At the Disco (I am very much looking forward to the new P!ATD album whenever they decide to shit it out).

    2. Ryohei 259
    I listened through his album "Rat the Wolf" once, and put it aside. My initial impression was that it was alright, but kind of samey. Six months later, I had the urge to listen to "Amsterdam" again one day, and then I didn't put the album aside for about 2 or 3 months straight. Soon I got a little tired of Amsterdam, but I had a week-long obsessions with about half songs on the album. Then I went back and listened to ReListen and his cover albums, even Ryohei Yamamoto stuff, and yeah. That's how this happened.

    3. 倖田來未 197 (#8 Last Year)
  • Top 25 Albums of 2010

    28. Dez. 2010, 23:27 von dwupton1