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(!) In this profile you'll find two different projects with the namings "kalt":
"KALT"(Rock-Project by Mike York, Germany)
"KAlt" (Belarus)

KALT - Dein Gott (Mike York)
With „Dein Gott“ Kalt unveils a movie with deep and profound meaning. It takes place in the inside world of each listener. Each of the 9 acts of this performance reveals deep insights of the world of the mainactor’s mind. Mike York sings about life and release, love and distress, memories and experiences. Mike York modulates his seven intensive stories with german and english language. At the end of the album he leaves the stage for two instrumentals. The resonant production consists of earthy Sound mixed with powerful but melodic rocking guitars. The spectrum of this mid tempo CD range from spheric-gloomy rock with strong metal influence to soundrack like songs. The release is limited to 999 CDs with DVD-Cover as the creator wants to intensify the impression of the “braincinema”. Besides of the great conceptual artwork , a Booklet of 16 pages, all lyrics, an autographed postcard and a sticker.
Mike York was a member of the Goth Rock Legend Garden of Deilight since 1999. Now its time to start the individual path with KALT

KAlt is a gothic-electro/darkwave project from Belarus.

The project was created in 2007. But it was only 2008 that KAlt started working on complex realisation of our material. The bands Depeche Mode and Blutengel are the greatest influences on its music and performing style.
In 2008 KAlt took part in the biggest goth-fextival in ex-USSR “Children Of The Night 5” in Kiev (Ukraine). Also now you can listen to KAlt songs on the radio all over the world (some of them: Infectious Unease Radio (Australia) - KAlt in thier playlists since 2007; KULTRA.FM, Befriends Radio (Germany), Synth.FM, Twilight Radio (Russia); Batcave Redemption Radio (United States of America) etc.).

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/kaltproject
VampireFreaks: http://www.vampirefreaks.com/kaltproject
VKontakte.ru: http://vkontakte.ru/club3879601
FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/KAlt/42069108282

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