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  • Geburtstag

    1994 (26 Jahre alt)

  • Geboren in

    Denver, Colorado, Vereinigte Staaten

Kali Malone is an American composer based in Stockholm, Sweden since 2012. Her solo works implement unique tuning systems in minimalist form for analog and digital synthesis often combined with acoustic instrumentation, such as pipe organ, strings, choir and wind instruments. Using synthetic and acoustic instrumentation in repetitive and extended durations, Malone’s rich harmonic textures emit a distinct emotive hue serving to generate a captivating and uncanny depth of focus.

Kali holds a degree in electroacoustic composition from The Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Her work has been presented at Berlin Atonal, Moogfest, Cafe Oto, Intonal, Norberg Festival, The Swedish Radio, EMS Elektronmusikstudion, Angelica Festival, Robot
Festival, and Boiler Room among others. She has released with Ideal Recordings, Ascetic House, Hallow Ground and with her own label, XKatedral.

“Malone’s solo collection of pipe organ musings seems rich with the kind of divinity only discovered alone, in an inner welderness These are less dirges than devotionals, holy modal communions with sound and space and self. The music remains minimal in that it is unadorned, naked. And by revealing all, nothing need be implied” – The Wire

“Magisterial, glacial, attention-demanding and powerful exposition of Buchla 200 synth tones mapped to acoustic woodwind and brass a quartet of diaphanous and slowly unfolding electro-acoustic landscapes that externalise a highly personalised form of emotive topography” – Boomkat

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