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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum

    27. November 2010

  • Dauer

    8 Titel

The songs from the 13 Titled CD 'Joyce Ejiogu one more time' encourages everyone to give praise and worship to the Lord in any situation. The CD is dedicated to all the survival victims of natural disaster in Haiti Earthquake, Pakistan Flooding & Russia Heatwave.

Joyce Ejiogu leads the vocals on this CD with her soulful voice. The music is backed up with capable musicians like : Bettina von Bracken, Detlef Glagowski, Esther Dymel–Sohl and Giesela Berski as Background vocals, Hanjo Gäbler on Pianos / Hammond organ, Neil Quinton on Guitars / Percussion, Martin Denzin on Drums, Rick von Bracken on Saxophones, Neil Quinton & Hanjo Gäbler on Bass, and the additional keyboards & Programming by Neil A. Quinton.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at What´s Up Studio, Ellerhoop, Germany by Neil A. Quinton. Saxophones was recorded at Spick Rec LA. This is the 2ND CD to be released by Jubilant praise Music Projects. The CD is distributed by Cap-music. The Internet downloads is through the Funkworld Medien.
Produced in Germany & Copyright 2010.

01. Song of triumph
02.One more time
03. Peace and Love
04. Make it right now
05.My Cadillac
06. He is there
07. My Lord
08.Word is true
09. Don’t be afraid
10. I get lost
11. I want to be
12. I’ll be there
13. Thank you enough

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