• 11 Feb 2007 – 18 Feb 2007

    18. Feb. 2007, 22:36 von Jazzmanstereo

    1Enter Shikari38
    I like. Had a couple of tracks from e-mu, and downloaded the 'Sorry You're Not A Winner / OK! Time for Plan B EP' this week.

    Someone I haven't listened to in a long time. After playing Bottle of Humans once, it had to go on again.

    3The Devin Townsend Band20
    Had a bit of a Devin/SYL binge lately.

    3Insane Clown Posse20
    Fun times.

    Another Early Evening

    6Falling Up17
    This is a case of one song on repeat. I absolutely adore Contact. Had seen an e-card thingy on someones BME and looked the band up on myspazz afterwards. When I heard contact I fell in love. Purchased from iTunes, bad Luke.

    I enjoy Jounce's album a howle lot. Something I like to listen to all the way through.

    8The pAper chAse15
    I used to love this band. Turns out I still do, I just hadn't listened to them for a long time. I used to play Hide the Kitchen Knives on repeat while playing phantasy star on dreamcast.

    9Skinny Puppy13
  • Jounce

    7. Feb. 2006, 10:41 von hikix

    It's sad...when you're favorite band doesn't have a cd out yet, you haven't seen them live (yet), and you only know a few of their songs because they were downloadable from their site, and you've known this band for about a year now...but JUST NOW are you getting obsessed with them.

    My friends and random people on this site, this band is called Jounce. Think of jazz and rock and funk...that is them, but ten times better. Their lyrics are very storyteller like, and very smart too.

    I came across this band very serendipiously. I was looking up one of my favorite old tv shows, The Adventures of Pete and Pete (and mind you, Polaris is also another AWESOME band and if you like this show you just have to like Polaris), and I was looking up small Pete, who is Danny Tamberelli, and I said to myself "I wonder what the hell he's up to now..." I looked him up, and today, he is the bassist of Jounce. So I looked up Jounce, downloaded some of their songs, and I really liked them and I threw them onto my crappy mp3 player. …