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Josef Ferger started playing and composing music in the age of 6 years, so his family and neighbours have been the first ones to be punished with his sound. JF has worked as a producer for myriads of radio-spots and written music for films, television and computer-games.

JF has never done the mainstream, so JF is not another Hans Zimmer and this is good, cause he has his own sound, and if you like it, you..ll get atmosphere and character to your pictures and productions. For his own productions he has built a recording-studio, the „Supernova-Studio“. Josef Ferger has currently finished an album with Rosko Gee (Traffic, Can u.a.)

Zahlreiche Band-Projekte (Anarchistisches Koma Orchester, Doc Raend, The Hooded Ones, Don Schizo Band u.a.)

Inhaber/Geschaftsführer (Tonstudio), (Record Label + WebRadio)

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