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Joe Candelario is an experienced virtuoso guitarist, who has been performing in the Colorado music scene for over twenty plus years, most recently with the blues rock trio Joe C. Wails.

Mr. Candelario began his musical journey in the late 80’s performing in Denver based cover bands, he began composing his own music in the early 90’s focusing within the prog-metal genre, however with the changing tide of music, Joe moved towards a more blues-based roots project, and started the Joe C. Wails Gang in the fall of 1994. Joe C. Wails was a highly successful 3-piece blues rock outfit lasting close to 18 years, the group released 3 solid CD’s and performed regionally in the western U.S.

In 2002 the group was awarded instrumental song of the year by Hapi Scratch Records. This opened the door for Joe to return with instrumental compositions, and in 2008 Joe released a limited edition instrumental CD entitled DELICATE NATURE OF ENTROPY.
Still residing in Colorado, Joe is currently splitting his time performing with his newly revamped Blues/Rock band “The Joe C. Wails Gang”, supporting his current Prog-Instrumental release entitled PANGEA, as well as performing intimate solo acoustic shows.

With a long rich history behind him, Joe continues to expand his songwriting and technical playing skills within his new instrumental project, while also performing in the blues classic rock genre, as well as dabbling in solo acoustic gigs.


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