• Summer Shows 2009: Blue Öyster Cult - 14 Aug 2009

    9. Sep. 2009, 7:38 von sablespecter

    Fri 14 Aug – Blue Öyster Cult

    Third of four 2009 summer show reviews: Blue Öyster Cult Set Cleveland on Flame!

    This was the longest I have ever waited between purchasing tickets and actually seeing the show: over *eight* months. This show was originally scheduled for December 18th of last year, and when it was canceled, it nearly scuttled the monthly live show streak that I had going from May 2008 to this past February. The reason for the reschedule? Buck Dharma fell down the stairs of his house carrying packages. Merry Christmas! (Especially bad because December 18th is D's birthday and the show was our plan to celebrate, so I had to hustle for last-minute replacement plans!) They ended up first canceling the handful of remaining shows for 2008, and then had to cancel some more based on Buck's recovery. By the time he was well enough to play and tour, they were going to be up against their trip to Europe and early summer bookings…