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Joanne is a well respected pianist originally from Los Angeles,Calif. She has accompanied Andy Williams, Paul Williams, Michel Le Grande, Little Anthony and the Imperials, The Lennon Sisters and Michael Feinstein. Joanne has also performed with Jazz Guitarist Gabor Szabo and Bud Shank and The Louie Bellson Orchestra. Her movie credits include piano solo work in Nine 1/2 Weeks, Lady Sings the Blues, and Alice Doesn't Live here Anymore. She has coached movie stars for their roles in films including Ellen Burstyn and Clint Eastwood. Joanne was one of the guest pianists on the Marian McPartland PBS award winning radio series "Piano Jazz".

Joanne taught jazz piano and jazz vocal improvisation at the Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles and she currently maintains a private practice for students. In addition, she offers CD background tracks for students and professional vocalists and musicians created at her Reno, Nevada home studio, Dog Lady Records.

Joanne is an ordained minister of Religious Science and holds a Ph.D in Awareness Counseling. She specializes in counseling for animals and their owners. She offers original music composed for all species of pets. The music aids in the bonding, healing and communication between the owner and the pet. Joanne has the ability to contact pets who have crossed over and assists the owners in finding their beloved pet when it is ready to return with its new earthly vehicle.

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