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We have just finished the work on our second album! To give you an idea how it will sound like we 've put two of the new songs on our myspace site: "Itinerary" was composed by Max and Florian for a documentary film that will be shown on German TV next year. It's a calm and decent portrait of a boy from a town called Eisenach who was discovered by a model scout while still going to school. The film follows the upgrowing kid on his way into the world of fashion business. A 10" record with more music of the soundtrack will be released on Alien Transistor sometime next year. "Noir AM" is one of two songs on our forthcoming CD that are sung by Marion. This one's about the time of night when you are only half asleep. We hope you like it! By the way: if you have the time, check out the sites of our other bands: SAROOS (Florian & Max), CONTRIVA (Max), ANDROMEDA MEGA ORCHESTRA (Andi), MASHA QRELLA (Andi) and NOEL.

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