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Jeremy Jay lives in Angel town, next to Larchmont where he hangs out. He's tall (6'3) blond (really) and handsome and wants a cat for his appartment. He writes and plays piano and guitar. He says one of his favorite things to do is drive around with the moonroof open and listen to music with his friends. It seems that hes both a small town boy and a big city boy in one.

Very excited about music, Jeremy's writing is influenced by dreams and the more fantastic surrealist sensibility linked with the French New Wave. The Art deco era storybook romance of the movies like " Our Modern Maidens" & "My Life To Live" held aspecial fascination. There's also a strong '50s Rock n' Roll sensibility happening; Buddy Holly is one of Jeremy's favorite singers along, with Richie Valens and '60s era Yea-Yea Francois Hardy.

On the surface, his performances seem like that a pop singer: dancing, singing and playing guitar. Yet he's so illusive. If you reach out to grab him you wouldn't touch anything; all you see is a character from the Dream World. Like Buddy Holly, Peter Pan and the John Hughes movies rolled into one. He's pure Storybook.

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