• You are Here: 2009 Tag Radio

    26. Aug. 2009, 16:44 von lizvelrene

    Though I usually spend my time building playlists, I have slowly been building a Tag Radio called simply "2009".

    Already it's by far my largest tag, and there's several hundred tracks on it. Not all of these are streamable, of course, but enough to make a nice radio of it.

    What kind of music is on it? I'm trying basically to capture what was happening in music in 2009. Anything that sounds interesting or that seems to be affecting the landscape gets added. If I hate it, it gets subtracted. So it's a pretty subjective thing, but I'm very open to suggestion. I have everything from School of Seven Bells to Jaspects to Animal Collective to Lady Gaga (just to make people throw things at my head).

    If anybody wants to recommend a track for this radio, nominations are welcome. Veto power is available too if I've added something that's just crap. Unless I happen to love the track, then you're just out of luck. :) You can PM me or reply to the journal with your suggestions. …
  • 2009 starts to show promise

    26. Mai. 2009, 5:01 von jbrotherlove

    Jaspects (37) (pictured above)
    Choklate (31)
    Karma Stewart (18)
    Steely Dan (18)
    Passion Pit (17)

    I've been complaining about the paucity of interesting music releases all year. Finally, there seems to be signs of relief for me. Four out of five of my top listens this week represent that.

    For starters, color me impressed with Jaspects's latest album The Polkadotted Stripe. I've been a fan of the Atlanta's group mix of straight ahead/acid jazz and humor for years. In 2008 they surprised me with the single "Unifunk". This punchy, jazz/electronic dance track set the stage for their new blend of jazz/hip hop/elctronic music with a bit of help from fellow Atliens Janelle Monáe and PJ Morton. Not perfect but yummy.

    Next up is independent soul/r&b artist Choklate. She builds on her underground debut with the competent To Whom It May Concern. Again, she delivers more of what's missing from black/urban radio.