• a brief primer on North Mississippi hill country blues

    6. Feb. 2010, 13:07 von kudzurunner

    As the producer of a new event in the North Mississippi hill country blues country as well as a blues performer (with Satan and Adam) and a scholar of the blues at the University of Mississippi, I thought that I should put together an introductory guide to hill country blues for people who were visiting my website. Below is what I've posted on my website. It doesn't pretend to be comprehensive, but it's as accurate and representative as I can make it. And it offers two new points: one, about the paucity of harmonica players associated with the hill country style, and two, about the reason why I believe that paucity exists. Please feel free to offer comments and suggestions, especially if you believe I've gotten something wrong.

    Here's the website: http://www.hillcountryharmonica.com

    And here's the article, which is headlined, "NORTH MISSISSIPPI HILL COUNTRY BLUES: IT'S _NOT_ THE DELTA BLUES!"

    §Hill country blues is NOT the stuff that Muddy Waters took to Chicago. …