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Janet and Jak Esim

The Esim Ensemble is a well known Sephardic music group from Turkey, with arrangements and guitar by Herman Heder, Erkan Ogur and songwriter Bülent Ortaçgil on guitars, percussionist Murat Özbey, Nezih Yesilnil on contrabass, Yahya Dai on saxophones, E. Bora Gürel on violin and Mamet Cafarov-Azeri on accordion. Good notes notes in Spanish, Turkish and English. Well worth the wait and recommended.

The artists say:
Sephardic music in Judeo Spanish and Ladino
Jak Esim is one of the world's most important researchers and collectors of songs from this disappearing culture and language. The Ladino sound collection which was collected and recorded by Jak Esim in the Jewish Sephardic community of Istanbul during the years of 1960 - 2005 is currently added to the National Sound Archives of The National Library of Israel in Jerusalem.

The group consisting of prominent musicians of Turkey make a contemporary, polyponic interpretation true to its authenticity. They aim to form different vibrations with their ethnic structure and introduce the Sephardic music to the international audiences.


* Percussion: Murat Ozbey
* Accordion: Mamed Cafarov
* Violin: E. Bora Gurel
* Acoustic Guitar: Bulent Ortacgil
* Classical Guitar: Erkan Ogur
* Classical Guitar: Herman Heder
* Classical Guitar: Jak Esim
* Shaker: Jak Esim
* E-bow: Erkan Ogur
* Kontrbass: Nezih Yesilnil
* Soprano Saxaphone: Yahya Dai
* Fretless Classical Guitar: Erkan Ogur
* Elektro Piyano: Mamed Cafarov
* Mandola: Herman Heder
* Clarinet: Yahya Dai
* Tres: Herman Heder
* Sofar: Jak Esim
* Glockenspiel: Herman Heder

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