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Jan Hertz creates electronic music and likes playing with Lego. The Bremen-born northener recently found out that Berlin has rivers and lakes and is quitely pleased about that.

Studying at the Berlin University of the Arts under Kraftwerk’s Karl Bartos, as well as touring with the indie-electro combo .computer.. defined his very own style of minimalistic yet engaging electronic music. Club-culture played a role in the development of his sound - as did his professional work as a sound designer and his focus on installation art and sound in architecture. Art residencies brought Jan Hertz to Tbilisi (Georgia) and Viseu (Portugal), commercial projects to a wide range of exhibition projects and sound spaces around Germany. A handful of releases mark the path of his career - solo, as a remixer and as part of different collaborative projects. While he played mostly electronic solo-livesets in recent years, he recently teamed up with the drummer Sebastian Waschulewski and played festival gigs that sported a more concert-like format and brought Jan back to his initial instrument of choice: the piano.

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