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Jamestown Story, formerly known as And Then I Turned Seven, changed their name on the first of January 2007 started is an American acoustic indie rock band from Duluth, Minnesota that formed in 2003. Jamestown Story now only consist of only one member and became a one man band. The band has toured 35 states in the US since 2005.

The original name of the band was And Then I Turned Seven. And Then I Turned Seven formed in 2003, and started booking shows in high school auditoriums, community centers and all-ages clubs across the country. Former violinist Kieren Smith, a junior at Marshall School, talked his folks into home schooling in 2006 to accommodate the band's intense tour schedule. Although their October release, "The Jamestown Story," features topics geared toward their peers – suicide, first loves, etc. – lead singer Dane Schmidt said about a quarter of their discs are sold to people his parents' age. The band now only consists of Dane Schmidt. Jamestown Story's most well-known songs include "I Miss You", "Goodbye (I'm Sorry)"

Dane Schmidt played drums for the pop, rock band Sing it Loud

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