• Itoiz in the attic

    4. Aug. 2006, 22:21 von RocketShipX41

    Itoiz - Itoiz (1978)

    I've been reading about Itoiz for years, and always thought they would be something I'd like. I recently came across their entire discography somehow, so now I get to find out for sure. Their debut is a pretty solid effort, a nice take on adapting folk traditions to rock idioms (or vice versa), rather like Horslips did for Ireland. Not that Itoiz sounds much like Horslips - it's just the concept. They take melodic Basque folk music and play it with a rock style, but include prominent flute. The keyboards include organ, piano, and synthesizers. Vocals are in the Basque language. Most reviews mention that the vocals are very strong, but I actually think they are sometimes a little out of tune - not bad enough to seriously put me off enjoying it, however. The prog elements of the music are not very pronounced, but I'll leave it tagged that way by default. 11/15.

    Itoiz - Ezekiel (1980)

    For their second album, they appear to have decided on a biblical concept album. …