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At first: “We will not create any especial or some innovative new music. We only create music that we like first. What others think or want we do not care! And Isgalder is not a modern (Atmospheric) Black Metal band… Our music lives the spirit of nature and worships it. Just oldschool Pagan Metal”.
Isgalder was founded in mid-2017 by Grimwald and Moppel. They want to create different music, as they did before with their other/former bands, more epic and nature rooted. In the vein of old Falkenbach or Bathory, but with their own conceptions. Gradually the other members join the band. Isgalder is Old-High-German/Germanic and means „icy chant“ or „cold incantation“.

After one month Isgalder released a first demosong called „Soaring Mountains“ at the bands YT channel. Shortly after this, they take a record deal with Naturmacht Productions. The debut album “The red Wanderer” will be released in April 2019. Isgalder thought, it was a good idea to release a demo or a short EP before. So they have some physical stuff for their listeners at the coming live concerts. The EP “To the Hall of the Stars” was recorded in December 2017 and released by Hellthrasher Productions as a great A5 digipak CD (200 lim.) and a tape version (69 lim.) by Narbentage Produktionen at 09. March 2018. Soon after this, a 4-way split was released at 15. May 2018 inclusive one new Isgalder track called “Sirius Ablaze”. A video out of the Arnsuothal rehearsal room was done too.
In October until December 2018 Isgalder entered the Arnsuothal studio/rehearsing room and record the whole album by themselves. At the end of January the mix and mastering and layout was done. The first Isgalder full length album “The red Wanderer” was released on 27. April 2019.
Der Alte vom Berge (Isgalder & Alaun) | EP | 06. September 2019
Digital | Self released | 2019 | Isgalder Bandcamp

The red Wanderer | Album | 27. April 2019
CD | Naturmacht Productions | 2019 | 100 A5 digipak CD
CD | Naturmacht Productions | 2019 | 200 CD in jewelcase

4-Way-Split | Split | 15. May 2018
CDr | Arhelaised Helid | 2019 | 100 CD
with URT, Bestia, Zornestrieb.
To the Hall of the Stars | EP | 09. March 2018
CD | Hellthrasher Productions | 2018 | 200 A5 digipak CD
Tape | Narbentage Productions | 2018 | 69 handnumbered Tapes
Isgalder îs:
Grimwald: guitars, vocals.
MoPpeL: drums, keys.
VRCHTR: guitars.
Marco: bass.

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