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In the summer of 2004, Intohimo saw it's first light of day. The idea was to form the greatest band ever known to man, not knowing this already existed (Queen).

Only a year after Intohimo was formed they had already recorded two demos: "In the deepest of mind" & "PastPresentAndNeverAgain". 2006 they won "BEST UNSIGNED ACT AWARD" at the Swedish National IndieAwards and the word about Intohimo was spreading rapidly. The band took every liveshow the could get, playing until fingers bled. Their first album, the much anticipated ""Failures, Failures, Failures and Hope" was released in March 2007 by indie label Pretty Dirty Promotions. It was more than well recieved and the fan base grew bigger and bigger.

European promoters soon discovered Intohimo, quickly the band rose to new levels and it did not take long before Intohimo were touring throughout Europe.

By the end of the summer 2008, Intohimo were signed by The Unit Music Company, and started working with Simon Grenehed of Blindside. During the autumn, they wrote and recorded their second album: "Us; The Hollows", the sound developed to more explosive rock with screamo and emo influences. "Us; The Hollows" was released in April 2009, rapidly climbing up to 15 on the Swedish Billboard chart. They followed up with tourdates in Scandinavia and Europe.

Late summer the band were supporting Underoath at their only swedish show. Now more eager than ever, still on their original quest, Intohimo is on the move…look out!

Weitere Infos: http://www.myspace.com/intohimo#ixzz10YH6Cwxp

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