• A Glimpse of the Search to Make Yourself

    29. Apr. 2006, 7:27 von SilverStarhawk

    OK. I’m sounding off on some new discoveries, old favorites, and revitalized appreciation. I just like writing about music. Sue me.

    Were it not for another member of last.FM, K'Hash to be specific, I'd have no idea who Farmakon was. He threw out the recommendation in a brief journal post about a week and a half ago, and I put it in the always expanding line of music recommendations. I finally got a chance to listen to A Warm Glimpse, and I will admit I was impressed.

    The first thing I was listening for was the comparisons to Opeth, since that's what I hear most about the band in perusing the world wide web. Yes, fans of Opeth may count on getting at least something out of Farmakon. There're some things that Farmakon does differently than Opeth though. The influence is there, but they definitley make an attempt to lay their own groundwork..

    The reason why the opeth comparison seems only too obvious is most likely the vocalist's most frequently used death growl. It does bare a striking resemblance to Mr. …