• Incubus Concert 11

    2. Sep. 2011, 5:01 von dreamcoltrane

    Wed 31 Aug – Incubus

    From start to finish, this concert simply just blew my mind away. My opinion will be a bit biased since Incubus is my favorite band. So, I will try and make this review as objective as possible.

    This was my second visit to Stage AE. There was one thing very different from this visit compared to the previous visit I made. It was held in the outside portion of the venue. I viewed this as having some advantages and disadvantages at the same time. The advantages were that it was less crammed and the outdoors had a nice touch, but on the other hand the sound is less intense so it losses some impact on the listener and it does not seem as intimate. So overall the outdoors venue was a bit of a loss from my point.

    Young the Giant opened up the evening for everybody. They left a nice impression on me. They whole band seemed to have a really tight sound. They had the nicest gear from any opening band I have seen in recent memory. …