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Incordia is a german metal band founded 2012 in Darmstadt, Hessia. Their musical catalogue ranges from Death-Metal-Ballads like The Dark Stream over epic Hymns (Hymn of the Asagods) to inexorable neck-breakers like Ahnenfall, combined with a wall of brutal vocals. Finally, their image is topped off by lyrics and stage outfits heavily inspired by traditional Nordic mythology.
After singlehandedly releasing their debut album The Darkness Surrounding in 2015, their second full-length album, The Talon Elder, was released in early 2017. Recorded in the legendary Kohlekeller Studios, it is a smooth amalgamation of melancholy and brutality, where listeners can expect 10 versatile tracks dealing with war, solitude and the moods of the aesir.
Just like freedom calls to a real viking, the prospect of playing their music live called to Incordia, which let them onto local and national stages. Here, they were able to play alongside well known metal-bands like Eisregen at the Steinbruch-Theater Darmstadt or Equilibrium at Schwimmbad-Club Heidelberg. During the festival season 2016, they also rocked the crowd while playing the indoor stage at the Out&Loud festival in Geiselwind.
After parting ways with their former singer Kari, Incordia are currently going back to the roots: Guitarist Lee will take up all vocal duties while being accompanied by his brothers-in-arms Pascal (Lead-Guitar), Josh (Drums) and Julian (Bass).

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