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Problematic amounts of beer, ear damaging music, a few painful
bruises and countless miles of travel marked this brazilian trios first
two years of existence.

After some long months of traveling around various cities and
different regions of Brazil in support of their debut ep ‘Drink, Destroy,
Repeat’, this stoner metal trio from small town Brazil returns with
their latest ear piercing effort, ‘Death Water’. Which can be
considered the bands very own ace of spades, tucked neatly in the

The proposal is a bit different from their first work, but without any
loss of focus from the main goal, which has been and always will be,
to produce and perform the heaviest, most ear bleeding stoner metal
they can possibly muster. Most agree that this mission has been
masterfully accomplished by taking the album ‘Death Water’ for a

The entire thing was recorded and mixed once again by Ricardo
Biancarelli, at Studios Fuzza in Brazil, and mastered by none other
than the wizard Jaime Gomez Arellano, whose previous work
includes bands like Ghost and Electric Wizard (to name a few), at
Orgone Studios in the UK. The cover art was created entirely from
scratch by the talented brazilian artist, Cristiano Suarez.
A sudden change of lineup marked the bands history late in october,
as their previous guitarrist Diogo Baker no longer felt attached to the
sound, and decided to follow a different path. Without skipping a
single beat (or pint of beer), the band recruted the talents of Marcelo
Leme, a local, well known drunkard and talented guitarrist to fill in
the shoes and proceed with the madness.
2017 sure does promisse a lot, let’s just hope they all make it
through without going deaf (or in rehab).

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