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Hyper Crush is a Hip-Hop/Electronica group originating in the San Fernando Valley. The members include Donny Fontaine, Holly Valentine, and DJ Preston Moronie. The group's record label is Universal Motown.

The members met during a fistfight at Denny's in San Fernando. Holly was a waitress that broke up the fight.
Donny started rapping in the summer of 1956, at some point winning a "freestlye battle" at the Country Manor Home for the Mentally disabled.
Preston is an advocate of sexism and domestic violence. He is also a convicted felon and "full time" alcoholic.
Holly was born in the "Jungles of South America". Holly fled to the United States after killing several Police Officers.
This information, including the group member's names, is unverified.

Hyper Crush currently has one known album, The Arcade, which is available for purchase on iTunes and at Hot Topic stores.

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