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    2007 – 2013 (6 Jahre)

Born in Rio de Janeiro, guitarist Marcelo Oliveira started his musical career at 11 years old. At the young age of twelve he held in his hands his first electric guitar: it was an old beat up second-hand instrument, with a scratched paint job and marred face, but he loved how similar it was to Kurt Cobain’s guitar. Since the day he received that tired, yet beautiful instrument, it seems as though he has never really put it down. He admits there were not a lot of musical options for him as a teenager; however he still managed to get his hands on a variety of albums by bands like Metallica, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Skid Row. He will remain an unconditional fan of guitarist “Slash”, and in fact, Marcelo credits Guns n’ Roses as his initial inspiration for pursuing a musical career.

Eventually Marcelo retired his beat- up second hand guitar in favor of more professional instruments. Over the years, Marcelo built his own private recording studio. He spent extensive time honing his skills while playing with other musicians. In 2005 - between guitar chords and drum solos - an arrangement to a song came to his mind: the first version of the song “Sober Dreams” had just been born. Almost instantaneously a beautiful melody appeared in his mind and was written with the help of his friend and former band mate, Eduardo Dias. Although represented by a male lyrically, in his mind Marcelo could practically hear a woman singing his new song. He immediately began looking for musicians interested in making that project become a reality. His desire to continue writing in that style led him to form a band, but first he needed to find a vocalist and of course, a band name.

While he was looking for musicians, the name Hydria was suggested by a friend named Fabiana Santos. The name Hydria derives from a type of ancient Greek pottery used for carrying water. This pottery, which resembles an amphora, was traditionally painted with epic illustrations of mythology and the moral code of everyday life. Guitarist Marcelo liked the named and though it sounded good.

Marcelo auditioned many singers before he finally found the voice he had once heard in his mind. In 2006, Raquel Schüler - a seventeen year old singer - came through an audition to join Hydria. Finally, Marcelo found the voice he had originally imagined.

There was only one problem. At the time, Raquel was already in a band. However she was very impressed with the song, “Sober Dreams,” especially because it felt like the song was written perfectly for her voice. She was torn between the ideas of abandoning her current band members to joining Hydria, the band that was undeniably perfect for her. Unfortunately, for Marcelo, Raquel decided not to leave her band to join Hydria. Instead, other singers joined and the line-up changed. Among the new members was Juliana Bittencourt. Bittencourt was primarily a guitarist but entered the band to play bass guitar.

Only a few months later, in early 2007 Raquel Schülers’ band, Havenard, split up. The timing was now right for her to join Hydria. As soon as her old band broke up, she called Marcelo, and said, “Hey, I’m in! Give me your other song and let me finish it my own way.” That song (which didn’t even have a name or vocal line at the time) was “Mirror of Tears”, her emotional song of freedom.

She brought with her two other very ecstatic ex-band members, Márcio Klimberg (Keyboards) and Renan Oliveira (Drums). Marcio was exactly what Marcelo had been looking for in a keyboardist to round out the new group, Hydria.

The band recorded the two songs – “Sober Dreams” and “Mirror of Tears” – which were placed for download in a famous social networking site. The sudden growth of their community in that site was a great encouragement for them to keep on working. However, Hydria still needed to find a second guitarist that would fit well in the line-up.

The addition of Luana França was timely. Marcelo had already invited her to join the band back when he began composing “Sober Dreams”, but she refused saying she wanted to gain more skill before joining a band at that “level.” In August 2007, Luana surprised the band with her enthusiastic performance and skill. “It was like she had been playing with us since the beginning” – said Márcio Klimberg after one of the auditions.

In October, Juliana left the band and was replaced by bassist Turu Henrick, another one of Raquel’s former band mates. Drummer Renan Oliveira was also replaced by Fabiano Martins from a band called Allegro.

Hydria established its current line-up and debuted on stage at the Full Metal Festival on October 21st, 2007. Since then Hydria has established themselves within the symphonic metal scene as opening acts for world renowned musicians like Within Temptation and Tarja Turunin during their Brazilian tours. Hydria was recently chosen to create the soundtrack and effects for a Brazilian webseries entitled “2012 Onda Zero” (translation: 2012- Timewave Zero) released August 17, 2009. They are currently working on creating their second full length album, entitled “Poison Paradise.” Hydria’s current full length album, Mirror of Tears, is available through their Brazilian (Portuguese) website, and can also be found at

By Selena M. Norris

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