• Top Albums - 2009 (and stinkiest Disappointments!)

    7. Jan. 2010, 4:19 von supson

    In addition to expanding the list to 25 albums (there’s no fixed number in mind when I start), I also complied the countries of origin for my top 2009 albums. No surprise, the UK is well ahead of the pack with 60%, followed by the USA at 27%, Canada at 8% and Australia at 5%. If you're excited for stats, wait till you see my Album of the Decade list coming soon. Enjoy!

    25.Morrissey - Swords
    As I’ve commented before, nobody writes a more perfect blend of catchiness and angst. As usual, the song titles are legendary and lots of great rarities and b-sides here that are all new to me. Sadly, this surpasses his other album this year of new material (see my Disappointments below!)
    Stand Out Track: Shame Is The Name

    24.IAMX - Kingdom of Welcome Addiction
    I featured this band back in August’s TOTM. As I said then, it’s the guy from Sneaker Pimps that has taken the best elements of that band and added in some grittier rock sounds. …
  • Hot Seconds Live @ Mercury Lounge January 9, 2009

    13. Jan. 2009, 23:29 von spareheir

    Fri 9 Jan – Hot Seconds @ Mercury Lounge, NYC

    I experienced and enjoyed my first concert outing in the new year. I braved the cold weather and went down to Mercury Lounge to catch Hot Seconds this past Friday. Who better to warm up a cold night? When I last saw them perform back in October, I noted that they were a tight unit. They still are. This time, they were even tighter!

    They started their ten song, 45 minute set with "Pieces of You" and just didn't let up. All of the favorites were played. Plus, we were treated to some new songs ... huzzah! Can you tell I'm excited about the new songs? No? Well, I am! If all of their new stuff sounds like the ones played at this show, then I'm going to have a new favorite album when they release these songs. The first new song of the night was "Born Again," a surging mid-tempo rocker. And, I got to hear "Gone To Ground" again ... yep, I'm a happy camper.

    Now, I'm going to hang my head in shame for a moment. …
  • The Hypelist [10 nov. - 17 nov.]

    10. Nov. 2008, 7:15 von bisa

  • Hot Seconds Live @ Mercury Lounge

    20. Okt. 2008, 0:01 von spareheir

    Sat 18 Oct – hot seconds

    I took a trip over to the lower East side to see local band Hot Seconds at the Mercury Lounge. This was a band I was looking forward to seeing. Their album has become one of my favorite releases of the year. So, I wanted to see what they were about live. Well, I wasn't disappointed! These guys were spot on blazing through an eleven song set like men on a mission.

    The show kicked off with a fiery Pieces of You. Live, the song had the same effect on me as the album version did the first time I heard it ... sucked me in and wouldn't let go. It was the perfect set up for the rest of the show.

    Hot Seconds are a tight unit. The songs from their self-titled debut album were effortlessly brought to life in splendid fashion. They played with an air of unpretentious coolness that displayed their confidence and talent.

    The band seemed content allowing their front man, James Love, to be the animated one mixing awe shucks charm with a little bad boy attitude. …
  • Procrastination ... At The Highest Level!

    13. Okt. 2008, 20:09 von spareheir

    I've made an attempt to work today. I haven't been very successful. What I have been successful at is listening to music! Yeah, I know, big surprise there!

    I have reached 25,000 listens here on last.fm this morning. That sounds like the perfect excuse to leave work early and have a drink to celebrate, right? No? My boss doesn't think so either! Anyway, song 25,000 ... drum roll please ... Start Over from Hot Seconds (with or without caps?) got the honor. I figured it'd be a song by them or Killola that got the magic number honor. It's highly possible I play both groups too much but do I care? No. While my neighbors probably wish I'd never heard of either group, my adorable music loving kitty cat likes 'em both. She's been known to smack the volume knob to turn down stuff she doesn't like ... Def Leppard's stripper song for instance.

    Is it possible to listen to too much music? I'm sure I'll have music blasting when I drop dead. Let us hope we won't find that out for a very long time though!